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Why Join?

It makes good business sense to support the organization that does so much to promote the Ligonier Valley. Without your support, many important services would not receive the attention they need.

1-4 employees -- $150
5-10 employees -- $200
11-20 employees -- $270
21-50 employees -- $375
50+ employees -- $450

*Ask about second/multiple business rates.

Nonprofit Fees
1-4 employees -- $75
5-10 employees -- $100
11-20 employees -- $135
21-50 employees -- $187.50
50+ employees -- $225

Community Member: $80


Thousands of people visit Ligonier because of our events! Meet people you might never get to know otherwise by participating in social events, mixers, and other activities in the area.


Working closely with Borough Council and Township Officials, the Chamber acts as a “legislative watchdog” and frequently takes a stand on local, state, and federal legislation on issues affecting all the people of the Valley to improve the quality of life in the entire Ligonier Valley.


Create your opportunity to be a part of the pulse of the community! Tourism is the Valley’s biggest industry with hundreds of tourists and prospective tourists contacting us for information, and we put our members front and center.


Joining the Chamber is the easiest way to connect with residents, visitors, friends, and neighbors in the Ligonier Valley.


Beginning with the Fort Ligonier Memorial Foundation, the Chamber has either started or supported, most community projects for over 60 years.


Every year, the Chamber replies to thousands of inquiries about your community. We answer questions from prospective tourists and people with new business ventures along with information on businesses, services, and events.

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