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Board & Staff

President: Judy Podlucky

Vice President: Jennifer Sausman

Secretary: Amy Hepler

Treasurer: Karen Markle

Board Members:

Kelly Ankney
Jack Butler
Lauren Cassler
Lisa Geary

Allison Lunko
Brenda Shaffer
Sandra Svilar

Executive Director |  Amy Beitel

Amy has served as an educational leader at both Cambria-Rowe Business College and WyoTech as well as a Community School Director and Field Manager at the Greater Johnstown Middle School. Through her years of experience in higher education, she has been involved in coordinating events and programs with a diverse community of current and former learners, employers, and community members.  Amy currently serves on the Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania Board of Directors. She lives in Ligonier with her husband, Roger, and has two adult sons, Zachary and Nicholas.

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