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This page is to serve as a convenient list of important phone numbers for those of you that live in Ligonier, as well as for people relocating to the area.

Ligonier Valley Library: 724-238-6451

Ligonier Echo Newspaper: 724-238-2111

The Ligonier Free Gazette: 724-238-5749

The Laurel Mountain Post: 724-331-3936

Latrobe Bulletin Newspaper: 724-537-3351

Ligonier Valley Historical Society: 724-238-6818

The Ligonier Valley Cemetery Association: 724-238-6522

Ligonier Borough:
Office of Secretary: 724-238-9852
Office of Mayor: 724-238-3360
Borough Garage: 724-238-7426
Water Department: 724-238-9695
Emergency calls (fire, police, ambulance): 911
Fire Hall: 724-238-2016
Tax Office: 724-238-5700
US Post Office, Ligonier: 724-238-6396

Ligonier Township:
Township Supervisors: 724-238-2725
Emergency calls (fire, police, ambulance): 911
Twp. Constable, Robert Amicone, 724-995-1000
Water Department: 724-238-7464
Tax Office: 724-238-2300
Zoning Office: 724-238-2725
US Post Office, Laughlintown: 724-238-4560

State Police: 911
Westmoreland County Court House: 800-442-6926

Senior Citizen Services:
Laughlintown Sr. Citizen Center: 724-238-7942
Laurel Valley Sr. Citizen Center: 724-225-2800
Ligonier Meals on Wheels: 724-238-7250
Valley Limosine Service (Ligonier Area): 724-238-3222
Valley Limosine Service (New Florence Area): 724-235-2700
Office of the Aging: 1-800-442-8000

Public Transportation:
Westmoreland Transit: 800-221-WCTA